SafeStart Systems...saving lives with intelligent, cost effective miniaturization

SafeStart Systems LLC is a private investor held U.S, based research and product development company founded in 2003. Its product line centers on its patented SafetyGate™ technology; designed to prevent electrical restarts in appliances, power tools, industrial machinery and commercial and residential buildings. Most notably SafeStart Systems has successfully developed and marketed a line of safety retrofit products, designed to provide users with the ability to instantly "safety update" the over 1.3B power tools and appliances currently in use in the U.S.

NIOSH / OSHA, CSA and NFPA all mandate restart protection for large woodworking machinery. Smaller and handheld power tools and appliances are currently under voluntary compliance as a result of technology size and cost limitations. The SafetyGate circuitry though its extreme miniaturization and low cost has revolutionized this liability. SafetyGate technology allows OEM's the ability to simply and cost-effectively implement a critical safety feature without the use of expensive and bulky electro-magnetic devices, the industry standard today. In addition, restart protection technology can now be incorporated into an appliance or power tool’s power plug, creating a wealth of efficiency options for the OEM manufacturing process.

Further application development is now focused on power suppliers of residential and industrial buildings and systems. The fully scaleable SafetyGate circuitry has been recognized as a viable safety function in preventing thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage as a result of unintended and unannounced power restarts. Simple installation of sensor circuitry by electricity meter manufacturers allow for power restriction after restoration. The empowerment of customers to designate when power restoration should occur equates to measurable risk management cost reductions on the part of power suppliers.

SafeStart Systems LLC manufactures products in the U.S. for distribution worldwide using the most eco-friendly processes available.

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